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Curalink.com is a website that was originally launched in 2004 by the company Green Media. Green Media is a Digital Media Agency that focuses on visual communication and Marketing. The information and techniques behind the original portal Curalink had become obsolete. Hence the website was taken off the net in 2010.

The concept behind Curlink.com has been re-examined 2019. The need among internet users for a portal that filters useful information about Curaçao was rated as high. After all, the internet has been raided by information that is irrelevant or not considered accurate. In addition, new and more valuable information is coming online at an accelerated pace. Curalink wants to provide internet users with relevant information about Curaçao in a well-organized manner through its informative pages.

We appreciate your input. Send us additional information so that we can provide the website with even better information.

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Green Media
Kaya Andante 10
Willemstad, Curacao


+5999 695-0511


Curalink will index all relevant information about the island Curacao. We only place information about local organizations, news and events.


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