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Top Event Locations

Gaspa Event Place

Modern designed space for big events. Whether a business event or big celebration, this place van handle t all.

Landhuis Santa Martha

A popular event location for webbings with background view an impressive colonial building.

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More Event Locations

Villa Fiësta Curacao

For Weddings, Business Events and Celebrations, a full service approach in the historic area of Scharloo!

Landhuis Jan Thiel

An estate on a big plantation with a view over the Janthiel Bay area. This event location breaths for luxury and style.

Landhuis Chobolobo

Chobolobo has different areas where events can be held. Rooms and patios in and around the main building. Also there's a lot of garden space.

Madero Beach Club

Upscale restaurant/bar located at the center of Mambo Boulevard for fine dining at the pool.

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