Consumer Protection Foundation

August 27, 2021By CuralinkNews

Consumer Interests Curaçao (Consumenten Belangen Curaçao) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit foundation for inhabitants of Curacao. The foundation provide consultancy services to consumers and provides practical support for consumer problems. There are many consumer problems in Curaçao and businesses are not always responding in the ways that are acceptable. Consumers often think that they are … Read More

Kolektivo Projects

August 24, 2021By CuralinkNews

Kolektivo is an initiative in Curacao with the aim of founding a cooperative society. The initiators see that many locals do not get the opportunity to develop or to grow financially because they do not have access to the necessary resources to achieve this. The team behind Kolektivo wants to change this. The idea behind … Read More

Bitcoin Acceptance in Curacao

August 18, 2021By CuralinkNews

The Curacao Crypto Group started an initiative with the goal of informing the public about Crypto Currencies. This online group now consists of 224 active members. One of the initiators, Peter Kroll, points out in an article in the Curacao Chronicle that in the future Crypto Money will become a leading payment method. The website … Read More

ActionCoach Free Workshop

May 7, 2021By CuralinkNews

I signed up for the free workshop “6 Steps to a Better Business” by Arthur Rosaria about a month ago. Arthur is the owner / entrepreneur behind ActionCoach Caribbean. The aim of the organization is to help business owners grow their business, which ultimately leads to more jobs throughout our communities. The workshop was very … Read More

Election Results 2021

March 23, 2021By CuralinkNews

New parliamentary elections were held in Curacao on Friday, March 19, 2021. The results of the elections don’t lie, the people of the island want a change. The MFK party won by a landslide. The party that has been in the opposition until now got 9 seats out of 21, equaling a record number of … Read More

De Broeders Scharloo Abou

March 17, 2021By CuralinkRestaurant Reviews

De Broeders – Urban Street Vibes Tucked away in the upcoming neighborhood of Scharloo Abou you can find a cool little place called De Broeders that serves up some good street style soul food. When entering the old building and venturing through it, the walls filled with graffiti tags and murals will blow you away! … Read More

Chamber of Commerce Info Center

March 9, 2021By CuralinkBusiness insider

Chamber of Commerce Info Center Thinking of investing in Curacao or starting a business? You can contact or visit the information center at the Chamber of Commerce for insights and practical knowhow on starting a business. This commerce center recently celebrated its 125 anniversary. The Information & Business Activities Department underwent a major transformation in … Read More

Open Atelier Route 2021

March 2, 2021By CuralinkNews

A new edition of the Open Atelier Route is planned for March 20 and 21 and the following weekend on March 27 and 28. Art lovers can visit the studios of artists during these days. They are then personally received by the artists. 18 Artists participate in this project, which is organized annually. A route … Read More

Curacao History Website

February 22, 2021By CuralinkNews

National Archives Curacao is responsible for this extensive website that tells a lot about our rich history. Different periods in our history are highlighted. From the prehistoric period to the present day. You can request information about a specific time frame via a timeline. You can scroll through different storylines in chronological order. What was … Read More

Punda Wine & Shop Tour

February 20, 2021By CuralinkNews

Wine lovers and those curious to wine will surely enjoy this fun experience full of variety! A warm welcome to Punda is what you can expect and an opportunity to see the city in a different light. CuraLink Event Report joined the first Punda Wine & Shop Walk, according to the Downtown Management Organization, one … Read More