SER Mission-Driven Innovation for policy makers

November 29, 2021By CuralinkNews

SER is exploring a mission-driven innovation policy. A mission-driven innovation policy can be a addition to the country package that Curacao has signed with the Netherlands in the context of COHO. The SER exploratory process is aimed at mapping out the need within society for innovative policy within the government. Major societal challenges can thus … Read More

Launch FinTech Association

November 22, 2021By CuralinkBusiness insider

The CFA (Curacao FinTech Association) was established in November 2021. The members of this association want to stimulate innovation for online payment transactions. Via this foundation they want to be a connecting factor between the government, the central bank and entrepreneurs. The term FinTech stands for Financial Technologies that are used to improve and facilitate … Read More

Curaçao Baseball Paradise

November 15, 2021By CuralinkNews

This year Ozzie Albies won the Baseball World Series as a player with the Atlanta Braves. Curacao is known for its export of professional baseball players. The Island has the most MLB players in the world per capita. Wikipedia lists 16 payers from Curacao on its page. Why the Island cultivates so many baseball starts … Read More

Quality Master Event

November 4, 2021By CuralinkBusiness insider

Cinex, the Curacao Investment and Export Promotion Agency, orginizes a free event to be held at Theatro Luna Blou on November 9th, 2021. The events starts at Little information is given about what exactly the event is about. On Facebook Cinex communicates that the event is for people interested in ISO and what it can … Read More

We Will’mstad cooperative website

November 4, 2021By CuralinkNews

We Will’mstad is a cooperative project, initiated by the Curaçao Heritage Foundation. The idea behind the website is to provide a platform with relevant information on Willemstad for anyone who lives in Willemstad, works in Willemstad or wants to visit Willemstad. This initiative is powered by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture & Sports of … Read More

1000 Awesome Things About Curacao

November 3, 2021By CuralinkNews

This website that was started by Carolina Gomes-Casseres is AWESOME for sure! She describes her journey developing the website with friends on the site. The website started as a Tumblr blog and grow steadily gaining more popularity with every new post. In 2012 the website was relaunched based on the wordpress blog application. For this … Read More

EU Funds Week

November 2, 2021By CuralinkBusiness insider

EU Desk Curaçao organizes a weeklong event concerning EU fund programs. This is the second edition of a series of events. During this event participants wil receive detailed information about funds that are accessible for organizations in the EU. EU Information & Support desk aims to facilitate access to information about the cooperation and subsidy … Read More

Christmas Craft Fair

November 1, 2021By CuralinkNews

November 6th is the day that over 60 crafters will welcome you with their hand made gifts and goodies at Landhuis Bloemhof. This is the 10th edition of a series of events. The Christmas Craft Fair will be spread out over the Bloemhof premises. There are five sections you can visit. From the entrance of … Read More

Entrepreneurs Meet UP

October 29, 2021By CuralinkBusiness insider

On Monday the 25th of October the Chamber of Curacao organized a meeting at Landhuis Klein Kwartier. The purpose of the event was networking and expressing opinions about topics concerting entrepreneurship. During this event members of the Chamber gave insights into the state of the economy. Numbers and percentages were shown by the chairman Billy … Read More

KLM Marathon Curaçao 2021

October 18, 2021By CuralinkNews

On November 27 and 28, the organization behind KLM Curacao Marathon is organizing the eighth edition of this recurring event. Participants from 36 countries participate in the event. 60% of the participants are local entrants. The start and finish are at the Corendon Hotel and the Hilton Hotel. Participants can choose from 4 distances: A … Read More