Scharloo Art Information

February 7, 2022By CuralinkNews

In the Scharloo and Fleur de Marie neighbourhoods, information strips have been placed next to the works of art. Between 2016 and now, several mutals and works of art have been created. Many of these initiatives are organized by Street Art Skalo project and Stichting Monumentenzorg. The strips indicate the name of the artwork, the … Read More

Marie Pompoen Development

February 5, 2022By CuralinkNews

The Ministry of Economic affairs has initiated the start phase 3 of the development of the Marie Pompoen waterfront area. The project will be managed by The Curacao Tourism Office. Already cleaning and equalizing of the land has begun. Architects from Heren2 Caribbean have made the designs for this part of the recreational area. It … Read More

Second Phase Corendon Construction

January 26, 2022By CuralinkBusiness insider

The Corendon Resort in Curacao that opened its doors in 2020 has plans to start construction of its second phase of the construction this year. The Hotel Chain will construct above 300 extra rooms within the new buildings on the left side of the terrain. During the first phase of construction, 399 rooms became available. … Read More

Residence Permit for Investors

January 24, 2022By CuralinkNews

An existing arrangement on Curacao permits foreigners to stay longer on the island. The scheme is aimed at capital strong and investors who want to invest on the island. Someone who Ang. 500,000 can spend up to 3 years on the island. The temporary residence permit can be required up to 5 years if you … Read More

Curacao Monuments Website

January 18, 2022By CuralinkNews

The Department of Urban Planning (ROP) of the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning launched a website to provide information about monumental buildings in Curacao. Our island is dotted with beautiful colonial buildings. The condition of the buildings is quite different. Some have been restored and others are complete ruinens. It’s nice to see … Read More

Zoëtry Curaçao Resort & Spa

January 13, 2022By CuralinkNews

Zoëtry Curaçao Resort & Spa opened in Piscadera at the end of 2021. The former Floris Suite has undergone a metamorphosis. The new resort is part of ARM Collection, an umbrella organization. AMR is again part of the Apple Leisure Group (ALG) brand. This company also operates resorts worldwide under the Dreams and Sunscape names. … Read More

Curoil Christmas Video is a Hit!

January 6, 2022By CuralinkNews

Hirons Caribbean produced a video for Curoil with a Chrisrmas message of spreading kindness that’s captivating. This high level short movie is made with a lot of attention to detail. Curalink editors think this is a great piece of art that needs to be shared. The story named “the good bus” revolves around the good … Read More

Invest In Willemstad

January 5, 2022By CuralinkBusiness insider

The investment potential of Willemstad is communicated via this website “invest in Willemstad”. The city center of the island offers many opportunities for investors, local and international. The area around Anna Bay is growing in popularity as a place to stay for tourists. Many locals would also like to live in this area. Living and … Read More

Braintoss App Awarded by Apple

January 4, 2022By CuralinkNews

Apple recently announced which Apps are the most popular in the Netherlands. This is measured by the number of downloads of the App. Braintoss was named in this list for 2021. Braintoss was developed by Evert Jan Boon who works as a concept designer in the marketing industry. Evert has lived on Curacao for many … Read More

New Beer Brasa Premium Lager

December 5, 2021By CuralinkNews

This month a new beer was introduced on the market in Curacao “Brasa”. The beer is a locally conceived product, developed by a group of local catering entrepreneurs. Brasa means hug in the local Papiamentu language. So the slogan “Give me a Brasa!” always works. It’s an ode to our Caribbean warm outgoing lifestyle. This … Read More