The highly anticipated North Sea Jazz Festival is set to make its debut in Curacao in 2024. Organizers have confirmed the event's location at the World Trade Center in Curacao. However, the planning for this edition is still in its early stages, with negotiations underway to secure an agreement with the WTC to host the prestigious music festival. Excitement is building as discussions progress for what promises to be an extraordinary musical extravaganza in the heart of the Caribbean.

The North Sea Jazz Festival has a storied history in Curacao, with past editions organized by Findashon Bon Intenshon, renowned for their successful execution of cultural events. Over the years, the festival has hosted an impressive lineup of world-class artists, including legends like Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Sting, captivating audiences with unforgettable performances against the stunning backdrop of Curacao's vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes. These past spectacles have set a high bar for the upcoming 2024 edition, fueling anticipation for another unforgettable musical celebration.

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