May 11, 2023Business insider

OECS Trade Expo 2023

On May 15th till 17th a virtual expo named OECS Virtual Trade Expo 2023 willbe held online. This event is promoted as the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the Eastern Caribbean. The organization states that this three-day event is...

November 1, 2022Business insider

Caribbean Business Hup Event

Caribbean Business Hub will hold an interactive network meeting on Thursday, November 10 2022 at 5:30 PM at the Curacoahuis, the embassy of Curacao in The Hague. Guest speaker is our host, the delegated Minister Curacao, Mr. Manuel....

April 25, 2022Business insider

Island Finance Forum 2022

Curacao will chair Island Finance Forum 2022 this year. The meeting is scheduled for April 25th – 29th. This annual forum focuses on island economies and sustainable development. It is about exchanging information to achieve an...

January 26, 2022Business insider

Second Phase Corendon Construction

The Corendon Resort in Curacao that opened its doors in 2020 has plans to start construction of its second phase of the construction this year. The Hotel Chain will construct above 300 extra rooms within the new buildings on the left...

January 5, 2022Business insider

Invest In Willemstad

The investment potential of Willemstad is communicated via this website "invest in Willemstad". The city center of the island offers many opportunities for investors, local and international. The area around Anna Bay is growing in...

FinTech Association Curacao
November 22, 2021Business insider

Launch FinTech Association

The CFA (Curacao FinTech Association) was established in November 2021. The members of this association want to stimulate innovation for online payment transactions. Via this foundation they want to be a connecting factor between the...

Quality Masters Event
November 4, 2021Business insider

Quality Master Event

Cinex, the Curacao Investment and Export Promotion Agency, orginizes a free event to be held at Theatro Luna Blou on November 9th, 2021. The events starts at Little information is given about what exactly the event is about. On...

EU Funds Week
November 2, 2021Business insider

EU Funds Week

EU Desk Curaçao organizes a weeklong event concerning EU fund programs. This is the second edition of a series of events. During this event participants wil receive detailed information about funds that are accessible for organizations...

Kamer van Koophandel Curacao
October 29, 2021Business insider

Entrepreneurs Meet UP

On Monday the 25th of October the Chamber of Curacao organized a meeting at Landhuis Klein Kwartier. The purpose of the event was networking and expressing opinions about topics concerting entrepreneurship. During this event members of...


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