ActionCoach Free Workshop

May 7, 2021By CuralinkNews

I signed up for the free workshop “6 Steps to a Better Business” by Arthur Rosaria about a month ago. Arthur is the owner / entrepreneur behind ActionCoach Caribbean. The aim of the organization is to help business owners grow their business, which ultimately leads to more jobs throughout our communities. The workshop was very … Read More

Movie Bulado

March 29, 2021By curblablaNews

The film produced on Curacao, Buladó, won the prize in the Netherlands, A golden calf, as best film during The Netherlands Film Festival. This film, directed by Eche Janga, is almost entirely in Papiamento. Dutch is also spoken in it. The lead roles are played by Everon Hooi, Felix de Rooy and Tiara Richards. The … Read More

Election Results 2021

March 23, 2021By CuralinkNews

New parliamentary elections were held in Curacao on Friday, March 19, 2021. The results of the elections don’t lie, the people of the island want a change. The MFK party won by a landslide. The party that has been in the opposition until now got 9 seats out of 21, equaling a record number of … Read More

Open Atelier Route 2021

March 2, 2021By CuralinkNews

A new edition of the Open Atelier Route is planned for March 20 and 21 and the following weekend on March 27 and 28. Art lovers can visit the studios of artists during these days. They are then personally received by the artists. 18 Artists participate in this project, which is organized annually. A route … Read More

Curacao History Website

February 22, 2021By CuralinkNews

National Archives Curacao is responsible for this extensive website that tells a lot about our rich history. Different periods in our history are highlighted. From the prehistoric period to the present day. You can request information about a specific time frame via a timeline. You can scroll through different storylines in chronological order. What was … Read More

Punda Wine & Shop Tour

February 20, 2021By CuralinkNews

Wine lovers and those curious to wine will surely enjoy this fun experience full of variety! A warm welcome to Punda is what you can expect and an opportunity to see the city in a different light. CuraLink Event Report joined the first Punda Wine & Shop Walk, according to the Downtown Management Organization, one … Read More

Porche is Back

January 25, 2021By CuralinkNews

Porche is Back Commercial The international video production company Herons Caribbean has recorded a video commercially on Curacao with local actors. The reactions on the island are very positive. It’s a modern video that is based on spy movies. The starting point of the production company was “Create an art piece for the island of … Read More

At Home in Curacao

January 23, 2021By CuralinkNews

At Home In Curacao: Convenient working and living The Ministry of Economic Affairs has launched an initiative to attract more people to Curacao for work and life. The campaign behind this focuses on people who are flexible in terms of work environment such as digital nomads. Our island is an attractive option for travelers who … Read More

Krea: the Cura­çao of 2069

January 18, 2021By CuralinkNews

Krea: Building a better build environment Krea is a platform created by young engineers on the island of Curaçao with the aim of creating a better living environment on the island. Its primary focus is on creating a better build environment. Together the members want to think out a future-proof strategy for city development. The … Read More

Website Canon Curacao

January 15, 2021By CuralinkNews

Canon Curacao: History of the Island in perspective The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Caribbean has supported the project to enlarge the knowledge about the rich history of the Island Curacao. The General Faculty of the University of Curaçao (UoC) has taken initiative for this project. The National Archives Curaçao together with a lot of experts … Read More