TUI Blue Curaçao Hotel Construction

Construction has officially commenced on the TUI Blue Curaçao hotel at the site of the former Coral Cliff Hotel in Groot Sta. Martha. Set to feature 300 rooms, the hotel is scheduled to open in 2026. According to the TUI Blue management, this marks a significant milestone in their development on Curaçao.

tui santa martha startThe hotel's location is notable for its stunning views of Seru di Kristof and its proximity to Santa Martha Bay. The project is being developed on land that previously housed the Coral Clif Hotel, which proponents say minimizes the environmental impact and boosts the local economies of Soto and Bándabou. The development will create 400 jobs and involves an investment of $80 million. This all-inclusive resort will emphasize sustainability, utilizing solar energy and focusing on efficient water management. Architect Shawn Zimmerman of studio Disena has designed the layout with multiple buildings interspersed with greenery. The hotel will feature local products in its cuisine and host cultural activities. Construction of the new TUI Blue Curaçao hotel is slated to begin this year, with an opening planned for early 2026.

A TUI concept hotel in Curaçao has been a longstanding goal for the island’s largest travel organization. The detailed plans for TUI Blue Curaçao were announced in December 2022. This new luxury resort, is being developed in collaboration between TUI, the well-known Vogels hotelier family, and the Van Alstede family. The Van Alstede family, responsible for TUI's new office building in Willemstad, will focus on the construction aspects of the project. Meanwhile, the Vogels family, renowned for managing the Avila Beach Hotel and Lions Dive, will handle the hotel management.

Kers stated during the presentation of the initial plans that with this hotel, Curaçao gains a beautiful new tourist attraction that we hope will delight many TUI customers. Kers said "it's fantastic that we can soon offer our customers a hotel with the TUI signature here. It’s a wonderful addition to our offerings in Curaçao. Santa Martha is the perfect location, with its authentic surroundings and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean." Kers also highlighted that the hotel would boost tourism in Curaçao and attract visitors from other TUI Group markets, including Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Scandinavia. He emphasized the long-standing relationship between TUI and Curaçao, which began in 2005 when Arkefly (now TUI fly) started flying to the island.

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