Exploring the Untamed Journey of Caribbean Artist Felix de Rooy: A Dive into "Nomad in No Man’s land"

Enter the captivating world of Caribbean artist Felix de Rooy through the lens of filmmaker Hester Jonkhout's latest creation, "Nomad in No Man’s land (translated in dutch "Nomade in Niemandsland"). This documentary delves deep into the remarkable life of De Rooy, a trailblazing figure who, as a queer person of color, has pioneered the expression of queer and Caribbean identity through his art since the 1970s.

With striking visuals and a compelling narrative, "Nomad in No Man’s land" unveils the essence of De Rooy's artistic journey. His work serves as a powerful challenge to societal norms, urging the establishment to confront its own reflection. Through the lens of poetry, Jonkhout navigates the motivations of this relentless artist, whose boundless creativity is met with the unpredictable twists of life.

In 2021, De Rooy faces a profound challenge when he suffers a brain attack, forcing him to reevaluate his life. What happens when the very essence of one's existence—creating art—is suddenly jeopardized? What is the enduring value of his artistic legacy in today's world?

Extra screenings
Due to high demand and with the support of The Movies Curacao, additional screenings have been scheduled for this two highly successful local production. "Nomad in No Man’s land" will be available for viewing starting April 25th at both The Movies Otrobanda and Punda. See you @ The Movies Curacao!

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