Sightseeing at the East side of Curacao

The Caracasbaaiweg is a busy street with many shops and restaurants. It is a busy coming and going of people. There are often traffic jams, but the waiting time is manageable. In recent years, many food trucks have also settled there. Halfway this long road to the east there is also a small shopping mall with all kinds of shops and eateries. Denny's is a popular chain that has settled there. The road leads to upscale neighborhoods such as Jansofat, Zuurzak, Brakkeput, Vista Royal and Jan Thiel.

Caracasbaai Beach Front

There is a roundabout at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg. At the retonde you will find Irie Tours, Pirates Bar and De Pier restaurant. Further down this road along the water is Caracasbaai Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It can get a bit crowded on weekends. Locals like to go there for a BBQ and a swim. On weekdays it is fairly quiet. There are a number of palapas for shade on the beach. To the left of the street in a container is a popular restaurant serving local dishes. This is a recommended place to dine after a day at the beach. On the Spanish Water side of the road is Windsurfing Curacao, the place for learning and practicing the windsurfing sport on the island. THE spot also has a cantina with fries and beverages and is a nice place to visit.

Spanish Water

The Spanish Water is a large inland bay and is the most popular place for water sports. On the water you will find sailing and motor boats of all types and sizes. There are also a number of large marinas in the bay. Because the inland bay is connected to the open sea, it is an important area for all kinds of activities. Many sailing boats are also parked in the bay with sailors from all over the world. There are many waterfront neighborhoods around the Bay. Only Jan Sofat and Zuurzak are gated communities. The rest of these neighborhoods are freely accessible and fun to drive through. It is a hilly area with beautiful viewpoints over the sea. The most beautiful beach in this area is Barbara beach where a Sandels Resort is located. This beach is only accessible by road to the resort or by boat.

Caracasbaai Penninsula

if you are more adventurous you can drive along caracasbaai beach and explore the area beyond. A notable attraction within this penninsula is Fort Bekenburg, a fort dating back to the 17th century. It is freely accessible for viewing. Being from the fort the lookout is spectacular. Further on you also drive past Bayabeach and a beach where the popular Tug boat is underwater. This is definitely the most beautiful area for snorkeling on the island. We advise you to snorkel a little past the tug boat righting Directorsbay, a beach that is further on. you can also drive up the hill and visit the old derelict carentaine building. You could also do this on foot from Baya beach (5 minutes walk). There is a beach house on the beach in front of the Tug Boat where you can rent snorkling equipment if you have it with you. Another tip is to buy this gear cheaply at Luna Park Supermakket on the Caracasbaaiweg.

Zanzibar & Papagayo Beach

If you turn right at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg and drive up the mountain, you will arrive at another JanThiel area. This area has been completely developed in the last 20 years with luxurious houses and resorts. The two neighborhoods Jan Thiel and Vista Royaal are worth a visit if you like to take a look at upscale neighborhoods. There are also several viewpoints from the hills. On the water side of Janthiel you will find the popular seaside resort of Jan Thiel Beach. A number of restaurants and beach bars are located on this beautiful beach. There is also a small shopping mall. You can play beach tennis or Flyboarding. ok this is a nice place to snorkel. The sunsets at this beach are beautiful. On Saturdays at sunset the beach comes alive as locals and visitors love to mixup enjoy a beach party that can least till after midnight.

Sightseeing along the coastline

Naturelovers can enjoy walks along the janThiel salt lake. There are different pathways trough the wildernis. There is also a path that leads all the way to Mambo Beach along the rocky coastline. Als je goed oplet kan je de secludes stukje kleine beach vinden gelegen tussen de rotsen genoemd "lovers Beach". You can also go into nature via Doggy Beach, which borders Jan Thiel beach and Papagayo Resort. It is generaly safe to walk trough this area but still be aware of strangers approaching you with may have bad intent. And also take along good shoes and sun-protecting clothes.

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