The investment potential of Willemstad is communicated via this website "invest in Willemstad". The city center of the island offers many opportunities for investors, local and international. The area around Anna Bay is growing in popularity as a place to stay for tourists. Many locals would also like to live in this area. Living and staying in the center is hip again. Many developments are currently underway give a boost to the area. These include the CPA project "The Warf" and the APC project around the old Plaza Hotel Building.

The city center with its unique appearance is on the World heritage list for a reason. There are few countries in which the city center has such a unique appearance and history. Opportunities can be found in different fields such as urban development, construction, hospitality and tourism, retail, arts and culture. The initiators of the website welcome new investors and entrepreneurs that can to contribute to the transformation of Willemstad to vibrant city center!

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