The Corendon Resort in Curacao that opened its doors in 2020 has plans to start construction of its second phase of the construction this year. The Hotel Chain will construct above 300 extra rooms within the new buildings on the left side of the terrain. During the first phase of construction, 399 rooms became available. Now the chain wants to expand with an entirely new part of the resort adjacent to the new Marriot Resort that is under construction.

A walkway is also being developed between the resorts and built within the mangrove area. In addition, there will also be a boulevard constructed that leads to the water in the reef area. In total, all inclusive Corendon Resort will have 899 rooms. This development will give a huge boost to the surrounding area. Otrabanda will further develop into a tourist hot spot. The government has invested in 2021 in collaboration with Aquaelectra, the local water company, in the adjacent area "Zakita", better known as the Koredor behind the old water factory. Here too, visitors will soon be able to walk along the mangrove and the sea. All in all, it can be said that Otrobanda is on the rise.

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