An existing arrangement on Curacao permits foreigners to stay longer on the island. The scheme is aimed at capital strong and investors who want to invest on the island. Someone who Ang. 500,000 can spend up to 3 years on the island. The temporary residence permit can be required up to 5 years if you invest more than Ang 750,000 here. People who invest more than 1.5 million can stay on Curacao unconditionally. Foreigners who are interested in this must have sufficient resources to provide for themselves. They must also demonstrate that they will actually invest a significant amount in our local economy. Foreign nationals who have already done this are of course eligible for this scheme if they apply for a dilution. Family members of the investor are also granted the right to stay longer on the island.

Through this arrangement, the government of Curacao wants to attract more investors in order to create employment and to attract foreign exchange. The scheme came into effect in 2014. There are costs involved in applying for the scheme. these are small compared to the amount to be invested. The costs for this increase according to the amount to be invested up to Ang. 6000. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the implementation of the scheme.

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