Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties Curaçao is an organization initiated incorporating 7 social support groups on the island of Curacao. The general aim is to supply food packages with basic needs to families that can’t support themselves during this time of crisis. The Corona-pandemic was led to the loss of income for a lot of people on the island. Estimated say that around 50.000 inhabitants will fall below the poverty line.

The platform will uphold all regulations inposed by the government. Involved are also the Minsitry of SOAW and the aid organizations Red Cross Curacao and Sentronan di Bario.

If you like to donate to this initiative go to:

Groups presented in this platform are:
Fundashon Kòrsou Solidario i Duradero
de Voedselbank Curaçao
Unidat di Bario Kòrsou
Caritas (Pastoral Social Caritas Willemstad)
Human Rights Defense Curaçao
Aliansa Curaçao
Rotary Club Willemstad

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