Landhuis Bloemhof CuracaoLandhuis Bloemhof
A diversity of art & history

Landhuis Bloemhof is located at the beginning of the Santa Rosaweg. The mansion has imposing architecture and is furnished in an antique style. Cultural events are often organized here, such as: workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The "Cathedral of Thorns" is in the garden is a great attraction. At your request you can participate in a guided tour with small and large groups.

Santa Rosaweg 6
Mahaai, Curacao

Gallery Alma Blou WillemstadGallery Alma Blou
Local and Caribbean Art

Gallery Alma Blou is located in a historical building at the district Habaai. Local artists exhibit their paintings and sculptures here. The Gallery also has a shop with gifts and souvenirs where you can also find many books written by Antillean artists. Walking along and in this unique villa is a beautiful experience.

Frater Radulphusweg 4
Habaai, Curacao

Jean Girigori Art GalleryJean Girigori Art Gallery
Painter & personality

Jean was born in the Dominican Republic and she has been living in Curaçao since 1972. Her work consists of tropical colors projecting every day life on the island. Women, fishes and market places play a central role in her works of art. Her work displays a certain amount of naiveté that can also be found in Haitian art and has a vibrating Caribbean spirit.

Kwartje 75
Kaya kent u zelf, Curacao

Philippe Zanolino ArtStudio Philippe Zanolino
Painter & Personality

Zanolino who migrated form Guadeloupe to Curacao in 1986 is seen as one of Curacao's more prominent artists. His work is direct and full of raw energy. It's always carries a message from the subconscious. The artist is perceived locally as a true rebel, fighting for injustice and using art as a communication method.

On the road to Westpunt
Banda Abou

Project 3 GalleryProject 3 Gallery
Groundbreaking Art Projects

A great stage for local artists to display their work or organize art events. The concept was created by professional photographer Don Marco together with people supporting the art scene in Curacao. When there is no current project, the location functiones as a exhibition area.

George Maduroweg 14

Instituto Buena Bista KorsouInstituto Buena Bista
Art Education for a new generation

IBB is an initiative by David Bade and Tirzo Martha created to support local young upcoming artists to further develop their skills. Students at IBB are prepared for art education abroad. This center hosts frequent exhibitions and also participates in creating murals around the island. Tirzo is also responsible for the attractive slave monument at Rif. His work is direct and simple, inspired by Yubi Kirindongo and African culture.

Mohikanenweg 8
Capriles Cliniek

Teatro Luna Blou OtrabandaTeatro Luna Blou
There artists & locals mix

A special place on the Island where plays, presentations, concert and movie nights are organized. One of the initiators in Felix de Rooi, a local artist and filmmaker. The theater witch was opened in 2003 has a multifunctional character. On the facebook page you can find an agenda of coming events, performances and films.

Havenstraat 2-4

Kas di Kultura ScharlooKas di Kultura
The official House of Culture

Our Cultural House was opened by the government in 2002 to boost knowledge about our cultural inheritance. It is located in a vibrant neighborhood "Scharloo" where there's a lot of colonial buildings that are well preserved. This center hosts a lot of exhibitions that display artwork by upcoming local artists.

Rouvilleweg 67-69

Yubi Kirindongo ArtistYubi Kirindongo
Art garden with a view

Yubi acquired international fame with his ‘bumper art’ creations. He converted chrome bumper parts into abstract creatures. Yubi changes his style and use of style frequently. Nearly all of his basic materials originate from scrap materials or they are washed ashore in the north side of Curaçao. In his works or art you will see scraps of stone, plastic, wood, old iron and car tires. His recycling art was exhibited in the prestigious expositions around the globe. Yubi is seen as one of the Caribbean most prestigious artists by critics worldwide and has won many awards during his lifetime.

Kaya Reis 390
Ser'i Kandela

UniArte Foundation CuracaoUniArte Foundation
Caribbean Art Platform

The UniArte organization wants to shares contemporary artistic practices and activates conversations about the Caribbean context. It's aim is to contribute to the general artistic development of the population of Curacao by orginizing events and interacting with the public.

Carthagenastreet 18

Street Art Skalo MuralsStreet Art Skalo
Inspire Street Art

Started by a group of young entrepreneurs with hart for art, Street Art Skalo wants to stimulate and facilitate mural art in and around the Scharloo Abou Area. Bringing art to the street was already shown positive spin-offs. The stigma of being unsafe is disappearing fast and people feel welcome in this district of Willemstad.

Bitterstraat 17
Scharloo Abou


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