‘La Dama Blanca’ is een verfilming van het gelijknamige toneelstuk. Een klassieke vertolking waarin de hunkering naar een onbeantwoorde liefde centraal staat. Deze Short Film is een project van onder andere Guus de Sain, als Director en Producer, Hester Jonkhout als Director of Photography en het Screenplay van Laura Quast. Met in de hoofdrol Giovanni Abath en de legendarische Rina Penso. The main character played by Rina Penso cherishes the past. She reminisces her great love. Her butler Sancho, played by Giovanni Abath, is determined to pull her back to the present. The playful interaction between them leads to some comic award moments.

The film won a prestigious award. Hester Jonkhout recently won the Cinematography Award 2021 at the Caribbean Tales International Film festival with the movie this year. Hester Jonkhout (1972) is a Curaçao based director and cinematographer who is specialized in documentary filmmaking. She has contributed to numerous films in the field of human interest, culture and education. After graduating from The Netherlands Film Academy in 2000 she lived and worked in Suriname for 12 years. She was also engaged as a cinematographer for the filming of "Tula the Revolt". She stated "Making films is teamwork, so the prize is for everyone who contributed to La Dama Blanca".

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