Fabien Cousteau plans to build an underwater station at the coast of Curacao. He is the grandson of legendary filmmaker and diver Jacques Cousteau. He's a known figure in the dive world. The station he wants to build will be used for educational and scientific purposes. As he states " I truly believe that building the most advanced research station based at the bottom of the sea it can offer the world invaluable insight from hydrocarbon pollution and micro plastics to biodiversity to biomechanics."

The plans is to have the station ready by 2026. It will be build in the eastern part of the coastline of Curacao. The aim is to bring humanity closer to the underwater habitat so we can solve fundamental issues we're facing concerning our underwater environment. Our underwater world is closely linked to our living habitat as a whole. Without a healthy ocean there is no live on this planet. The modular design of the station will accommodate up to 18 visitors, scientists and engineers. The station will be placed at a depth of 20 meters in the middle of a 14km by 2km marine park.

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