In the Scharloo and Fleur de Marie neighbourhoods, information strips have been placed next to the works of art. Between 2016 and now, several mutals and works of art have been created. Many of these initiatives are organized by Street Art Skalo project and Stichting Monumentenzorg. The strips indicate the name of the artwork, the name of the artist and when it was created. Via a link that is indicated, more online background information can be gethered. An interactive map can be found on the website that maps all works of art. In this way, locals and visitors can map out a path along all works of art in these neighbourhoods. The initiative is sponsored by the Prince Bernhard Fund Caribbean.

Several projects are underway in these neighborhoods to revitalize the area. We previously reported on the CPA project "The Warf", a big waterfront apartment complex. There are also two lunchrooms and a restaurant in Scharloo Abou. The neighborhood is increasingly visited by tourists who take a walk through a tour or on their own. This neighborhood of historic value is well worth a visit.

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