Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK), the company that manages the site in Bullenbaai, is in talks with Steamboat Fuels LLC about setting up a production plant for the production of bio fuels. The company, which is located in Taxas USA, wants to set up a production plant in Bullenbaai for the production and processing of pre-treated vegetable oils. With these plans, Steamboat hopes to meet the increasing demand for vegetable oils on the world maktets.

The company aims to start setting up the factory this year. The company will then be able to use 4.7 hectares of land in Bullenbaai through a lease agreement with the RdK. The maritime infrastructure for loading and unloading ships on site is very suitable for this purpose. The activities here will create around 130 permanent jobs when production is started. Steamboat Fuels LLC is a project development company focused on enhancing society’s goal of a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the world. On the website of the company more information can be geathered.

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