This new rum was introduces in Curacao on june 2022. This was done during an opening event at Handelskade. This is also the location of the shop where the bottles are filled and labeled at Plasa Jojo Correa in downtown Punda. The rum is locally produced and bottled. The company behind the rum JPL offers 3 price different types, White, Amber (aged 2 years) and 5 year old aged.

If you like to taste AnnaBay Club you can check out one of the tastings the distributer organizes (see Facebook). On their website you can find shops that sell this new rum. The website also lists a group of bars that serve AnnaBay Club. You're also welcome to visit the shop at Punda. For those who like mixed drinks, the website provides receipts for making different cocktails with the rum.

The connection between the Caribbean and rum dates back a long time. Because rum is distilled from sugarcanes it is a popular liquer in this regeon. Sugarcane plantations are found in many parts of the Caribbean islands and coastal lands. The distillate is clear liquid that is aged in oak barrels. The quality of the rum is measured by the years of aging. Rum is a part of culture in the Caribbean as it is locally produced and relatively cheap compared to imported liqueres. In prirate stories rum was always played a big role as it was named "Bumbo". Centuries ago rum was even used as a currency in trade.

Besides AnnaBay Club, there are two other brands that are manufactured on the island; San Pable Rum and Rom Tambu. Each rum type has its own unique taste. We want to complement the initiators with their great marketing. We wish you success with the further development of this product.

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