The Curacao Crypto Group started an initiative with the goal of informing the public about Crypto Currencies. This online group now consists of 224 active members. One of the initiators, Peter Kroll, points out in an article in the Curacao Chronicle that in the future Crypto Money will become a leading payment method. The website provides a lot of information about how to use bitcoins in Curacao.

On the website you can find information about how you can pay with Bitcoins or how you can accept bitcoins. Also the site lists businesses that accept Bitcoins. Today an estimated 50 local businesses accept Bitcoins. Peter Kroll explains that people need to understand that there's only 21 bitcoins in the world. They have yet to appreciate Bitcoin is the first asset in human history with a fixed supply. You can buy a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin called a Satoshi. He thinks that ther is no better long-term savings vehicle.

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