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Krea: Building a better build environment

Krea is a platform created by young engineers on the island of Curaçao with the aim of creating a better living environment on the island. Its primary focus is on creating a better build environment. Together the members want to think out a future-proof strategy for city development. The collective wants to arrive at new ways of thinking through discussion. By bringing together more ideas on a particular theme, the collective hopes Curacao can better cope with social, economic and technical challenges. On the website of Krea you can find a lot of interesting articles about this subject.

The Members of the team are listed below:

Jerico Bakhuis - Energy and sustainability
Nadège Heyligar - Design and interaction
Sharif Jacobino - Information & communication technology
Marson Jesus - Transport and mobility
Corina Regales - Real estate and urban development
Rashid Ayoubi - Urban planning and design

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