Discover the Wonder: Marie Pompoen Park Phase 2 Unveiled in Curacao!

A brand-new haven of fun and leisure just opened at Marie Pompoen. We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of this Park just minutes away from Sunscape resort and Mambo Beach! This vibrant park promises to be a captivating leisure area for locals and visitors alike, offering an array of activities and facilities to explore.

A Wonderland of Playgrounds and Waterfront Fun!

Appealing to all children and the young at heart! The Marie Pompoen Park boasts an enchanting playground area that will ignite the imaginations of little explorers. With colorful slides, swings, and interactive play structures, kids will find themselves immersed in a world of wonder and delight. The climbing frame in the form of a pirate ship is definitely a kids favorite. Meanwhile, the waterfront area promises to mesmerize visitors with its picturesque views, making it an ideal spot to unwind, splash around, or simply soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

Modern Skatepark

For all the adrenaline enthusiasts out there, the concrete skatepark is a dream come true! Skateboarding fanatics can now showcase their skills and tricks in a safe and well-designed environment. Get ready to witness tricks and breathtaking moves at this thrilling addition to the park. The skate area is made with concrete and has interesting drop-downs, hills and pole structures.

Fitness ground and Volleyball Field

The area has a section for people that want to workout in the open. There are different racks that you can hang on or pull up on. And for those craving some friendly competition, the volleyball field invites you to spike and serve your way to victory. Gather your team, bring your A-game, and enjoy some active fun in the sun!

Palapa Shaded Huts and Tranquil Walking Paths

You can escape the heat and find shelter under the charming Palapa shaded huts. These traditional structures provide the perfect respite from the sun, making them ideal spots for picnics, relaxation, or simply enjoying the company of friends and family. The perfect place for your next birthday or family gathering.
For those seeking a more leisurely experience, the park offers meandering walking paths that wind through lush greenery and beautiful landscape. Take a leisurely stroll, breathe in the refreshing sea breeze, and let nature's serenity wash over you. Especially at sunset the park comes alive with activity as the temperature cools off and the fresh sea breeze blows through the trees.

Snackbars and Small Shops

The fun doesn't end with the activities alone! Soon, you'll be able to savor delightful snacks and drinks at the snackbars and small shops that will open their doors within the park. This will bring even more life to the park. At the west and of the park theres already a snackbar open. This snackbar is located at the small gated soccer fields located at the parking area.

Project Development

Marie Pompoen Park is undoubtedly a gem in the heart of Curacao, beckoning everyone with its promise of playful adventures, and serene moments. So, Gather your loved ones, pack your picnic basket, and get ready to create timeless memories in this spectacular park! Let's explore the magic together! The project is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development, together with the Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Planning and the Ministry of Public Health, Environment and Nature. Curacao Tourism Board (CTB) commissioned the recreational area. In charge of design, planning, coordination and implementation was Architectural firm Heeren2 Curacao.

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