The Waterfort Plaza project consists of the redevelopment of a unique location in Punda. The Algemeen Pensioenfonds van Curaçao (APC) is planning to turn this area into a vibrant and attractive part of our historic city Willemstad.

Since the purchase of the Plaza complex, APC and development partner HPC have been working hard on the feasibility analysis of the vision. In previous stakeholder sessions APC and HPC included various parties in the process to collect relevant input and create support for the plan.

Waterfort Plaza's vision is to create a lively and attractive area that makes a positive contribution to the revitalization of Punda. The plans are based on a multifunctional program with apartments, arts & culture center, incubator, education, boutique hotel, catering and high-quality public space.

The monumental water fort arches are an integral part of the plan. The starting point is to make the waterfort arches publicly accessible via a pedestrian promenade and to fill the arches themselves with various functions. For the elaboration of the waterfort arches, APC and HPC work closely with the country of Curaçao, Monumentenzorg and Monumentenfonds.

APC and HPC are currently finalizing the feasibility phase. The master plan and a positive business case are important elements in this phase. After completing the feasibility analysis a master plan will be presented by the parties involved. After that, the formal permit procedures that are necessary to realize the plan will start.

It is a complex area development with many challenges. This requires a careful approach in which we take into account the historic location and the UNESCO World Heritage status of Willemstad. Communication and coordination with the VVRP ministry and the Dutch Government are necessary to realize this project.

APC and HPC are confident in the redevelopment of Waterfort Plaza and hope to be a catalyst for Punda and the rest of Willemstad. Waterfort Plaza will thus give an impulse to the economic growth and liveliness of the city centre. We create direct and indirect jobs and stimulate a new form of culture and heritage tourism. With the intended program, APC and HPC also want to offer a platform to the community of the cultural sector.

As soon as the permits have been granted,construction will be started. In the meantime, APC and HPC are not standing still. In 2022 the area should start reviving as the organizing is planning to organize activities in this area. For more information about the Road to Plaza, please keep an eye on APC's website and social media.

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