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Nina Valkhoff has been attracted by the organization behind the Kaya Kaya concept to create a mural in the Otrabanda district. Nina arrived 3 days ago on the island to start her project located at the Hendriksteeg. It's a small alley that leads down to the Breedestraat. The first lines and inspection surfaces of her painting have already been set up. It is definitely worth a visit to see her busy with the setup of the alignment and coloring. She is an internationally respected talented artist who knows how to combine surrealism and realsitme into unique works. Her sense of color and detail is amazing. On the building there already was a work created by Garrick Marchena, a well-known local artist. His style has a lot in common with hers. He is also active this week restoring his artwork that he created in 2012.

kaya kaya street artNina can be found online under the name @ninapelirroja. She was born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland. During her 20 years career she has created many murals and illustrations in many countries. She has already made works in Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, France and Ireland. Besides on buildings, her work can also be found in cafes, shops and offices. She has built up the status of liberty to concepualize each work of art herself. Nina studied art at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. In her works she combines elements from nature. Animals, birds and plants are always her central theme. Something is bubbling in Otrabanda. The management of Kaya Kaya already commissioned different mural art projects in the Otrabanda district. On the Kaya Kaya Facebook page it is indicated that a new Kaya Kaya Party is coming, the 2022 version. Kaya Kaya parties are unique street parties in the streets and alleys of Otrananda that attract thousands of people.

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